How to get better at reading Japanese

The Japanese language is one of those languages that come in a pattern-like form. For most people, it looks hard at first glance. However, just like any language, the best way to learn Japanese is to be consistent. Let your determination drive you to always want to learn more every day. As you learn the Japanese language, one of the challenging things is trying to grasp the skill of reading it. This is mainly because the Japanese language might not be like your native language. However, if your language also comes in a style similar to the Japanese language, then you’ll find it much easier to read the language. Whichever the case might be, let’s look at some tips to implement that can help you to get better at reading Japanese.

Focus on one author

The best way to get better at reading the Japanese language is to put your focus on one author. There are obviously many different authors who write at different Japanese language levels. It’s important to note that, different authors have different styles of writing and tutoring. Switching from one author to another is like switching from one school to another every day. This is very bad for progress, especially if what you are learning is new to you. Therefore, it’s important to find an author that best suits you. Then as you progress on your Japanese language journey, maintain that particular author. This is a very good strategy to implement to get better at reading Japanese.

Start from the beginning

If you are looking for ways to get better at reading the Japanese language that means you are not very familiar with the language. Hence, you can’t start with reading higher-level stuff if you don’t know the basics. And, usually, the basics are found in those beginners reading books. It’s to your advantage to opt for children’s books as you start before even trying to read beginners’ educational books. This way, you get the chance to read your Japanese language in a fun and simple way. Do not be in a hurry to expect results. Take one step at a time, and one day you’ll get there.

Set aside time for reading Japanese every day

This is highly crucial if you want to get better at reading the Japanese language faster. Make sure you devote a portion of your time every day to just learning how to read. It’s also important to make sure that you maintain some form of discipline. This means that you can’t afford to skip a day of practice. View it as something that’ll significantly slow down your progress. You can always write your goals down in a more clear form. If you can, draft a calendar of your language learning routine and make sure to tick your progress as you go. And, you can always set your phone to constantly remind you that you need to read your new language.

Read everything

By everything I mean, anything that you’ll come across. Try to read that Japanese poster that you’ll see on your way to school or work. Challenge yourself to read daily beginner newspapers in the Japanese language. This way, you get to learn how to read Japanese and at the same time, you keep yourself informed on the current situation in the country. You can move on to higher levels as you progress in your reading. Read your favorite magazine in the Japanese language. Or, you can always translate a Facebook post that you receive to the language and try to read it. Or, as you are preparing your favorite meal from a recipe book, challenge yourself to do it in Japanese. Instill in yourself the desire to read Japanese. The point is, to make it your objective to set up your day in a way that is based on practicing and perfecting your reading skills. And before you know it, you’ll improve your reading skills.

Use Japanese subtitles as you watch your movie

This is a great way of mixing learning with pleasure without disrupting or disturbing any of the two. Make it a habit to always include Japanese subtitles as you watch your movies. This way, your eyes get used to reading the language. It also makes it possible for you to match what’s being said with what you are reading. Therefore, you can get to enjoy your movies, while using it as an opportunity to improve your Japanese reading skills.

Revise your books often

There is no better way to get the concepts in your head than revising. This means that you’ll have to go through your books often. Reread all those books you read many times. And as you revise, try to apply what you are learning to be it in speech or writing. This is because reading Japanese is directly related to writing and speaking the language. Hence, as you perfect one skill, you are perfecting another skill alongside. Make it your habit to go through your books over and over again. You can always achieve this by doing your research on the best authors. Find an author that you love such that you’ll not be bored to reread the books.

Conclusion In conclusion, your attitude is what’s important as you try to better your Japanese reading skills. The fact is, you are going to meet challenges along the way. It might be due to the fact that you’ll find yourself forgetting what you just learned and now you have to go through it again. Or, you might receive discouragement from your peers. It’s not going to be easy especially during the first days. Thus, it’s a good attitude that’s going to allow you to not give up as you face obstacles. Hence, approach the process of trying to better your Japanese reading skills with a good and positive attitude. This way, you’ll figure out how to deal with challenges wisely as they come

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