JLPT N5 Kanji: 入 (nyuu, hairu) enter

It is essential to learn Japanese vocabulary when studying the language. In addition to words borrowed from other languages, Japanese vocabulary is vast and diverse. Learning essential words and phrases, as well as specialized terminology and idiomatic expressions, is essential for effective communication in Japanese.

Vocabulary: 入 (nyuu, hairu)

Meaning:  enter


  1. データ入力 data input  
  2. 建物に入る enter a building  
  3. 輸入した綿 imported cotton  
  4. 品を輸入する import goods  
  5. ビンに入った酢 vinegar in a jar  
  6. 夜、風呂に入る bathe in the evening  
  7. 彼は婿に入った He was adopted into his wife’s family.  
  8. 用紙に記入する fill out a form  
  9. 線路に入るな。 Keep off the tracks.  
  10. 芝生に入るな! Stay off the grass!  
  11. 金が入った財布 wallet with money inside

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